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Products > Cell Processing > Genesis Plasma Expressor
This product is available for purchase internationally and is not available for purchase in USA
  MODEL # ES315C
CATALOG # 422-ES315C
WARRANTY 1 year limited warranty

User Friendly Control Panel

Adjustable Optical Sensor

Plasma Expressor with plasma unit

Now you can express plasma and walk away from it all.

The ES315C is an electro-mechanical device that automatically separates plasma and red cells from whole blood.

Product Overview
• Adjustable optical sensor detects red cells
• Electronic clamp activates when optical sensor detects red cells
• Enables operator to multi-task during plasma separation process
• Provides uniform production output

Special Features
• Large plate supports bags up to 600 ml
• Audible alarm
• Indicator lamps
• Operate 5 electronic expressors on one A/C power adaptor