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TCD Sterile Tube Welder
MODEL # B40-00-1245
CATALOG # 480-B40-00-1245
WARRANTY 1 year limited warranty
CATALOG # 480-B40-00-1274
QUANTITY 240 wafers / box

Simple & Easy to Use GUI

Bent-Tube Technology

Single Loading Wafer

Total Containment Device (TCD) — setting the standard for economical, reliable, and easy-to-use sterile tube welding. This efficient unit was designed with convenience in mind. The TCD takes up minimal bench top space and each weld provides its own validation sample eliminating the need for validation test kits.

The TCD is a high quality sterile tube welding device approved by the FDA for:

• WET to WET welding
• WET to DRY welding
• DRY to DRY welding

Total Containment:
• Bent-tube technology™ expresses fluid from weld point of contact
• Secure clamps eliminate tube shifting and misalignment
• Loading mechanism ensures precise tube alignment

Ease of Use:

• One button operation
• User-friendly display panel
• Color-coded, single wafer loading—no wafer jamming
• Tamper Lock™ loading mechanism

• Precise tubing alignment for secure seals
• Double sterilization welds
• Diagnostic self-check with each weld
• Greater wafer mass and longer welding temperature assures a
  reliable, strong, sterile weld

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TCD (Total Containment Device)
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