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Products > Processing > Genesis Docon Seal M Portable Tube Sealer
  MODEL # Docon Seal M
WARRANTY 1 year limited warranty

Easy to Separate Seal

Built-In Splash Guard

Hard Transportation Case

The Genesis Docon Seal M is a portable, high performance and durable hand-held sealing unit designed to seal PVC tubing.

A sturdy and lightweight design combined with an extended battery life provides uninterrupted everyday use in the production and further processing of plasma and blood.

The Genesis Docon Seal M was specifically designed to meet the high performance standards of plasma processing, blood collection, cellular therapy and life science organizations. With an intuitive design, dependable performance and high-volume capacity, the Genesis Docon Seal M is setting the new standard for reliable and high quality seals.

Product Overview & Features
• Lightweight and sturdy hand-held portable sealing unit
• Ergonomically shaped sealing handle with built-in splash guard
• Sealing time automatically adjusts to different tube dimensions
• Latest lithium-ion battery technology for up to 2000 seals per battery charge
• LED indicates sealing process is activated
• Easy to operate, clean and maintain
• Hard transportation case (standard); Mobile canvas carrying bag available

Additional Applications
Approved for use during a standard donation or apheresis procedure