The CM350 Blood Collection Monitor keeps a close watch on your donation – automatically.

The CM350 Blood Collection Monitor keeps a close watch on your donation – automatically.

Blood Collection Monitor

Automatic Weight Calibration

Product Blood Collection Monitor


Model CM350

Optional Accessories

Genesis Blood Collection Monitor Pedestal Stand & Pole

Product Pedestal Stand & Pole


Quantity 1

Improve patient safety using a digital scale with increased accuracy and advanced technology. The CM350 is a compact device, ideal for mobile use, that reduces over or under bleeds (QNS units).

Product Overview

• Electronically monitors and measures blood flow and volume
• Automatically clamps tubing when target volume is achieved
• Rechargeable battery provides up to 50 hours of service
• 1 year limited warranty

Special Features

• Automatic weight calibration
• Automatically tares collection bag
• Audible & visual alarms
• Mix reminder alarm
• Slow bleed alarm
• Conserves battery with automatic shut off after 30 minutes of idle time

Aluminum Carrying Case fits all included accessories:
• Main unit
• 500 gram standard weight
• Pole mount
• A/C Power Adaptor


Technical Specifications

Dimensions 6.4"L x 4.8"H x 2.4"W (16.2 cm L x 12 cm L x 6 cm W)
Collection Volume 0 -1199 mL Range
Weight Display 0 -1199 gm Range
Target Volume 100 - 600 mL Range
Elapsed Time Display 0:00 -19:59 (min:sec)
Weight Tolerance 0 to+3 Grams
Weight Accuracy+/- 1 gram  +/- 1 Gram
Time Display Accuracy 1 Second
Power Rechargeable NiMH cCell, 7.2V/1.8ah A/C Current
Collection Monitor 1.50 Lb
Collection Monitor with Pole Mount and A/C Adaptor 2.25 Lb
Shipping weight 4.40 Lb

Blood Collection Monitor Accessories

Perfect for Genesis Blood Collection Monitor CM 350

Product Pedestal Stand and Pole
Catalog# 425-101-052
Mobile design for easy relocation
Easy installation


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