Our Mission

Genesis BPS meets client needs, worldwide, for the collection, processing, storage, and preparation of blood and other biological fluids. We do so by combining advanced technology, seamless automation, quality standards and operational efficiencies, working together to produce products and services of outstanding precision and reliability. GenesisBPS is positioned at the forefront of what we can do and at the leading edge of what we will do, providing ideas, solutions, and innovation to the world.

Our Vision

Healthcare can be improved and protected by processes that act upon blood and its component elements. We will empower these changes with technology that bears our name—technology that is dependable, professional, available, and affordable. At GenesisBPS, we see the world in very fluid terms.


Genesis BPS was created expressly to meet the needs and demands of: Life Science Customers, Biotechnology Organizations, Community Blood Centers, Blood Collection Organizations, Hospital Blood Banks, Military Blood Collection, Animal Blood Banks, Veterinary Hospitals, Blood Processing Laboratories, Research and Scientific Organizations as well as organizations with a need for high-quality, high-performing products for the processing of blood, blood components and other human and laboratory fluids.

Genesis BPS has been in business for over 35 years. We have created a product portfolio which encompasses a wide range of items designed to meet the unique and demanding needs of blood collection and processing organizations. Whether you are looking for Sterile Tube Welders, Blood Collection Mixers and Tube Sealers, or blood bags, transfer sets and ancillary supplies, we stock it all. We pride ourselves on having one of the largest inventories of these specialty products in the world!

At Genesis BPS, many of the devices we offer are manufactured exclusively to our specifications. We have exclusive distribution arrangements with many of the manufacturers we represent, ensuring you of the best quality control–because nothing less will satisfy us or our customers. The products you purchase from us will meet the highest performance standards and when you contact Genesis BPS, you will speak with a staff that understands your unique and demanding needs.

Our inventory is extensive, and kept in a temperature-controlled, FDA-inspected warehouse. Every effort is made to ensure our products, customer service, and responsiveness is maintained at outstanding levels. The BPS in our name stands for Blood Product Specialties, and as we like to say around here, “technology is in our blood.” We look forward to serving you for a long time to come.