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Charles Richard Drew  “Father of the Blood Bank”

June 3, 1904 – April 1, 1950
Renowned surgeon and pioneer in the preservation of life-saving blood plasma

Major scientific achievements:
– Discovered method for long-term storage of blood plasma
– Organized America’s first large-scale blood bank

Dr. Charles Richard Drew broke barriers in a racially divided America to become one of the most important scientists of the 20th century. His pioneering research and systematic developments in the use and preservation of blood plasma during World War II not only saved thousands of lives, but innovated the nation’s blood banking process and standardized procedures for long-term blood preservation and storage techniques adapted by the American Red Cross… continue reading

Genesis BPS and Genesis BioPharma Services are leaders in the Field of blood product processing equipment and supplies. Without the basic building blocks started by Dr. Drew we would never have been able to build our business. Genesis supplies products for: Cellular Therapy, Blood Processing, Blood Collection, Blood Storage and a host of Blood product accessories.

– Blood Collection Mixing devices
– Blood Tube sealing devices
– Cord Blood Tube sealing devices
– Sterile Tube Welders
– Blood and Plasma Thawing devices
– Therapeutic Phlebotomy bags and supplies
– Centrifuge balances
– Blood bags
– Blood Temperature Monitoring devices
Octaplas, virally inactivated frozen plasma