A diverse line of innovative products for cellular technologies and research laboratories.

Cell therapies are transforming medicine and providing effective life-changing treatments.  GenesisBPS is committed to helping unlock the potential of your cells with high quality and reliable products to support your cell therapy clinical research and commercial manufacturing.


The Plasmatherm is a DRY thawing and warming device designed to thaw four units of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Octaplas™ and other blood components.  This unique technology uses a contained sealed system ideal for clean room environments.

Key Features
• NO direct contact with water
• Change thawing solution once per year
• Custom user settings
• Maintains a constant 37°C

• Clear cover to view thawing process

RapidWeld STW

A technologically advanced, compact and waferless sterile tube welder designed for sterile connecting with reliability, efficiency and quality.  RapidWeld™ STW utilizes a precision cutting blade and infrared heater to complete the welding process in a functionally closed system for better control and accuracy. The design eliminates the need for consumable wafers.

Key Features
• Waferless Sterile Welding
• Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly
• Fast and Reliable Welds
• Contained Sterile System
• Touch Screen Interface

Blade Module Kits
250, 500, 1000 welds

Genesis Tube Sealers

Specifically designed to meet the high performance standards of plasma processing, blood collection, cellular therapy and life science organizations. With intuitive designs, dependable performance and high-volume capacity, the Genesis line of Tube Sealers sets the new standard for reliable and high quality seals.

Key Features
• Easy to operate and clean
• Notched S
eal™ for easy separation
• No warm up required
• Reliable and compatible

• CE and UL compliant

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