Now you can express plasma and walk away from it all.

Now you can express plasma and walk away from it all.

Electronic Optical Plasma Expressor


Plasma Expressor



Catalog# 422-ES315C

The ES315C is an electro-mechanical device that automatically separates plasma and red cells from whole blood.

Product Overview
• Adjustable optical sensor detects red cells
• Electronic clamp activates when optical sensor detects red cells
• Enables operator to multi-task during plasma separation process
• Provides uniform production output
• 1 year limited warranty

Special Features
• Large plate supports bags up to 600 ml
• Audible alarm
• Indicator lamps
• Operate 5 electronic expressors on one A/C power adaptor


Technical Specifications

Dimensions 6.5"L x 9.1"W x 9.4"H
165mm L x 230mm W x 240mm H
Sensor Type Infrared interruption sensor
Clamping Power Source Geared motor
Clamp Speed ~ 1 Second detecting red cells
Control  Power, open, close, start, sensitivity
Power Source A/C power adaptor
A/C 100-120V or 220-240V A/C in, 18V out
Power Consumption 10 Watt max
Electronic Expressor
Total Shipping 

7 LB
12 LB
Included Power adaptor, jump cable(tandem connection), user manual
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